Empirical Style

“Welcome to how we see the world” is an introduction from Steve and Helena Trupp on their site Empirical Style. We think this is a perfect way to summarise their approach to their unique interior design business where they source interesting and beautiful products from around the world, or in some cases designed by their own two hands.

Empirical Style

Husband and wife team Steve and Helena Trupp work together to bring their creative and inspired interiors dreams to life under the name Empirical Style

The husband and wife team work together combining their varying skills to make their business work. We like that they are so hands on- it really demonstrates a passion and dedication to their business and shows they clearly love what they do. Passion is something we discuss often, but it really shows when people love what they do. It’s infectious.

Steve and Helena have been famed in the past for their stunning Kings Cross apartment and that style continues with them in their new home in Melbourne. Glancing on the Empirical Style site shows that it really is a little piece of the Trupps right there, ready for you to adopt into your own home. It’s great to see so much of them in their business.

“Design, travel, creative expression and being ‘a bit different'” is how they describe themselves and their aesthetic which is exactly the sort of things you will find in their shop, with botanical and zoology charts, light pendants and vintage maps real highlights.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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