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Enmore Audio is a Sydney Recording and Production studio, unsurprisingly based in Enmore.

Enmore Audio has a three room recording, mixing and production facility, which combines the best of analog and digital technology. If you’re picky about that sort of thing, they’ve even got a list of their gear on their website, which we’ve just finished designing and building for them. We’ve even integrated the branding to their social media marketing channels.

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When it came to their web design, Enmore Audio’s focus was to have their website cater to the needs of solo artists and singer songwriter types

We think when aspiring musicians think of professional recording studios (as opposed to the home studio) they might think it’s a place only for professionals who are represented by a label, playing to their fans at packed venues and taking some of those fans home for the night. But plenty of independent musicians use recording studios to get it out there directly to the people who want to buy it.

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If you’ve ever been in tiny pizza restaurant just off Oxford St and heard some friend of the dude at the counter come in and play his bedroom album over the restaurant sound system, and subsequently hated both life, pizza and particularly that guy, then you’ll know as we do how important it is to have professional quality audio in all the music you plan to make other people listen to.

The best thing about Enmore Audio is that’s it’s been built specifically to cater to the needs of solo artists and singer songwriter types, which means that those individuals who might normally be intimidated by the process of booking a studio to record the music they’ve poured their heart into can find a home here.

When it came to their web design, Enmore Audio really wanted to reflect this focus on individuals and on quality. It’s their big point of difference and they wanted to make it a feature.

The studio is a great place to work through the sound of raw, untried music until it’s ready for the commercial market. They’re really honest too about how important finding the right fit can be when an artist is looking for a recording studio to produce their work in.

web design sydney
That means they’ll tell you to get out if they don’t like the cut of your jib. No, your jib is probably cut really well, and it doesn’t mean that at all.

What it actually means is they want to be really honest from the outset about setting up a great working relationship that will be optimal for both parties.

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