Enmore Design Centre Mine Exhibition Catalogue

Aren’t talented young people the greatest?

Excluding the times when we’re feeling desperately envious of their youth and beauty and opportunities, we think they’re just the greatest. No seriously, they are pretty good.

Enmore Design Centre

Enmore Design Centre had the foresight and business savvy to make this a professional event with branded invitations and promotional material.

We’re not really so old ourselves, it’s just that we’re most definitely older than 21. That’s probably the average age of the designers showing at this exhibition for which we’ve just produced promotional square cards, a holding box, sleeves, an invitation and a booklet.

Mine is an exhibition at the Depot Gallery on Danks St featuring the graduating works of young jewellery designers from the Design Centre Enmore.

If you’re bored of that old hat junk you’ve been getting at Tiffany’s, this is probably the place to have a look at some new and exciting wares.

Mine Exhibition
Okay we’ll take back that slur on Tiffany’s. It would probably seem blasphemous to these young industry hopefuls.

Tiffany’s is great, probably, we think, considering we’ve never spent a months worth of savings to buy anything there.

We would advise you to save that cash to spend on something responsible, like beer and chocolate, and invest your jewellery urges in some of this young talent. There’s something for everyone, from beautiful orchid like earrings, to gorgeous elaborate neck pieces, to some funky latticework wearable art.

We’re glad that they’ve got the foresight and business savvy to go all out and make this a professional event with branded invitations and promotional material.

It’s something that we as graphic designers can obviously get behind, but we love it when other creatives realise that business and promotion is an integral part of being a successful creator.

Enmore Design Centre
It’s definitely admirable in group of people so young.

Come to think of it, we’re not jealous at all. We just hope they make it out here in this big wide world. Here’s to their success!

Enmore Design Centre – Mine Exhibition
Square cards, box, sleeve, invitation & booklet
Cards + Booklets printed in 4 colour digital on 200 & 300gsm Supreme System Board
Box + Sleeve printed in 4 colour digital on 350gsm Impact

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