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If you’re a fan of Australian art you’ll be well aware of the Eva Brueur gallery. The gallery, situated in Woollahra, prides itself in the showing and selling of paintings and works on paper by Australian artists. They’re putting a show right now on the late Australian painter David Boyd so huge that it’s being done in collaboration with the S.E Ervin gallery. Alongside it, they’re putting out this hefty book that we helped create, which serves as a comprehensive (and gorgeous) guide to his life and work.

If you are the aforementioned fan of Australian art (and just a little smug right now for following all this), you will be in the know that David Boyd was actually the brother of another well-known and iconic Australian artist; the photographer Arthur Boyd. They come from a ridiculously creative family, with grandparents who were established artists, and three other artistic siblings. David Boyd then went on to have three daughters who are themselves artists! They would have had very interesting family gatherings around Christmas time.

David Boyd’s artistic life began when, as a young man just returned from serving as a conscripted officer in WW2, he enrolled in the National Gallery School with a serviceman’s grant. For the first ten years of his career he built a reputation as a leading Australian potter. He then turned to painting, growing his name with historic and progressive art dealing with the controversial subject matter of Australia’s indigenous people and early colonial history.

The book itself is a lavishly produced publication, containing over 300 colour pages of rich landscapes, shadowy, haggard figures and cheeky nudes. It also contains some of his early work in pottery, sketches from his private collection, and illuminating quotes from family, friends and David himself. It’s definitely a worthy tribute to this treasured Australian artist. Check out that gorgeous quiff he’s rocking on the cover!

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