Everything You’ve Ever Needed to Know About Branding

Everything. If we had a lot more space and time than a blog post would allow, that is. Perhaps we’ll just stick to an overview of what a brand is and why even small businesses should not underestimate the power of great branding.

If you were to think of some of your favourite brands and the companies you are loyal to, chances are you only need to look at their logo to conjure up all the feelings you associate with them. Oddly enough does a pair of golden arches make you feel like a burger, or a perfectly formed apple make you crave the latest piece of digital technology? The power of excellent branding should never be underestimated in the bid for the consumer’s love, even if the creators of Ronald McDonald should be shot.

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Just look at any list about the world’s top companies and guaranteed powerful branding is something that they all share in common. It’s something that your company must have. And it must be good.

In dummy terms, branding is a marketing practice that builds an idea or image about a company by creating a name, sign, symbol which allows customers to easily identify with not just the products or services that’s offered but with the company in general. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. A brand is a feeling.

If you’ve connected with your consumer, they will love you, hunt you down, and choose you despite being more expensive than the competitor because for them, there is no substitute. Advocates of your brand will be your most powerful marketing (digital marketing and otherwise) tool. Essentially your brand is “what people say about you when you’re not in the room” (Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon).

Branding is a marketing practice that builds an idea, image or feeling about a company which allows customers to easily identify that company

A brand must first and foremost recognise the needs and wants of your customers. If it doesn’t speak to and appeal to them, then what is the point? To achieve this, there are a number of aspects to consider, but we’re going to keep it light here, after all we’re merely talking about the power of good branding today.

Visually, your brand is what is going to stick in the minds of your customers and clients.  Your logo needs to look good but also created with purpose: to visually communicate what your brand is about. In a world where everyone’s neighbour is a ‘graphic designer’, intent is key. Being able to explain and account for your branding choices will flow through to being accountable for every aspect of your business.

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So branding for your business is kind of a big deal, to say the least. Not only should branding set you apart from competitors it should also create a lasting impact, reaction and initiate an emotional connection between customers and your company, where they view you as the only solution to their problem. And while we’ve said that a brand is more than just visual representation of your company, a cracking logo and website is a sure fire way to start.

If you’d like some more information on branding there’s a great book called The Brand Gap by Marty Neuminer. It’s a short, simple read and is easily understood by everyday people and design geniuses alike (did I mention it has pictures?).

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by Radi Safi

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