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As they say on their website, Fabric is a full service construction contracting and project management firm based in Sydney. What that means is that next time you need some construction done, of any size or scope, these guys can take care of the whole thing.

They have experiencing managing heaps of projects, and they know who to go to if they need an architect, a builder, or an engineer. They save you the trouble of finding these people yourself, and figuring out whether they’re someone you want to work with. Buildings have been known to fall down (although that is unlikely), but still, you don’t want that page three story in the national paper to be about you.

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The resolved branding is solid and balanced. We wanted to work with the same stuff Fabric works with everyday; geometry, mathematics and space.

We completed our own full service branding package for Fabric.

As with most of the logos we create, the logo type for Fabric was custom designed in our studio. It’s solid, and balanced, whilst maintaining a refined quality conveyed with the carefully considered brackets. The logo symbol is the weighty outline of a diamond. We wanted to work with the same stuff Fabric works with everyday; geometry, mathematics and most importantly, spaces.

After all that’s the most important thing they do for their clients; create and fill spaces in which their clients will live and work. We know how important that is, and we’re lucky that our studio is a beautiful, light and airy space that we enjoy being in, whether we’re working our butts off or enjoying a communal lunch around our large wooden table.

branding sydney
There was a couple of unique things that we worked on for this project that don’t come part and parcel of every branding project, such as the mailing tube and the USB flash drive.

We wished we’d developed those mailing tubes to travel in those crazy office vacuum tube systems, but we do realise they’re a lot more useful at transporting documents via the post. And they once thought those tubes would one day carry humans! And we also did USB flash drives for them. If you’re as old as us, you might remember a time when a 4mb USB drive was worth it’s weight in gold and nerd points. Now you can get one as a part of every other promotion. We can’t help but feel we’ve lost something precious in that.

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by Radi Safi

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