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Flinders Street Gallery is an awesome Sydney contemporary art space founded by artist and director Jason Martin. The gallery is home to a number of artists, young and old, across a broad range of mediums.  ‘Good art results organically, almost inevitably, from a harmony and relationship between the material used and the artwork produced’.  A big high-five to that!  We salute you Flinders Street and readily support this philosophy, referring to similar notions within our own work.  One of their residents, artist Ross Pullar, explores dynamic balance in colour and form for his latest body of work titled ‘Broken Cove’.  His practice, influenced by elements of contemporary Australian art, presents a fresh perspective on how we experience the raw beauty that is the Australian landscape.  To our delight, the gallery commissioned us to create an invitation for ‘Broken Cove’.  Exhibition postcards play a vital role in the smooth running’s of an exhibition, allowing for a little teaser or introduction to the artist, usually an image of their work, followed by a clever delivery of details in a visually coherent package.  When the exhibition is complete, the invitation will remain a keepsake and nifty little reminder that the exhibition has occured.  With the gallery’s wonderfully minimal, clean aesthetic remaining at the forefront, we designed an invitation that utilized simple, clean lines and type that would not overshadow Ross’s work but enhance it.  The result depicts a perfect harmony of colour and elements, a delightful invitation and representation of Flinders Street Gallery and Ross’s exceptional collection.  Interested in looking at more postcards and invitations?  Have a scroll through our website or come by and visit us in the studio.

flinder st DLX_ross puller
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