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Floodout is graphic designer Helen Neville’s design business. Helen creates cutting edge, up to the minute design and advertising for a plethora of businesses, weaving culture, design and art into slices of creative gold -we applaud her brilliance. Floodout’s twitter page is pretty awesome too.  Helen wanted a card that she could distribute on the go (portable advertising if you will), wanting a little something something that perfectly encompasses the quirkiness of Floodout’s personality. A cool challenge we couldn’t wait to get stuck into.  Helen crafted a design for the card and our job was to birth said design into the world and embellish the heck out of it.  Embellishments like embossing, use a metal-etched die to raise the surface of a stock and creates a more authentic, personalised addition to a design.  Embossing was our first choice, applying it to the text located on the front of the card and a nice fluoro spot colour printed upon its back. The outcome; a visual fiesta, a whimsical snapshot of Floodout and a perfect representation of how a business card with the right accents and embellishments can truly capture the core of a company’s identity.  Like cool print embellishments? So do we. Pop into the studio to check out our range of goodies.

business card embossing for floodout
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