Four Pillars Gin

Ok, we know it’s January and you’re probably still recovering from that booze-fest also know as December, but bear with us because we want to talk about gin. Yes, gin. No longer the drink of choice for your mum or for when you’ve drunk everything else in your liquor cabinet, gin is having a bit of a renaissance of late and is very much in vogue. And is very delicious. Raise a glass to Four Pillars Gin – a small Australian distillery in the Yarra Valley whose ambition is to make the best craft spirits in Australia that not only keep up with the classic gins of Europe but also bring a modern and distinctly Australian edge. Created in 2013 by three mates Cam, Matt and Stu, their first release was the Rare Dry Gin in which their first batch of 420 bottles pre-sold in under four days on crowdfunding site, Pozible. Amazing! What we love about this business is that the guys, together with their copper pot still called Wilma (she’s German) have done something remarkable: by using Australian botanicals in their gin they have re-invented and re-defined something that is seen as quintessentially European. Their immediate success signifies a changing attitude amongst drinkers and has perhaps opened a can of worms for more craft liquor producers in Australia.

Four Pillars Gin

Gin is a sophisticated drink for sophisticated folk. Four Pillars Gin believe people should drink better, not more. So to make things better (for you and your festive hangover) get yourself some – everyone knows the hair of the dog technique is a great way to get over a hangover. But how, you ask? By going to their website of course and finding out more about their story. Their Facebook page has plenty of updates on the progression of the business which is exciting to watch. Their Instagram and Pinterest has lots of pictures of gin, which is bound to work up a thirst.


by Jaime MacMillan

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