Fun Counts

The most and least quantifiable measure in any moment which satisfies all levels of both our rational and creative selves is ‘fun’. How fun a certain moment was and how amazing the shift in time perception is when something is actually fun to do or be a part of is truly one of the miracles of life.

We talk a lot about the steps and measures required to either ensure a certain result or avoid certain pitfalls but it came to our attention that we have yet to discuss and share our opinion on how important the fun factor is when it comes to work and the creative process. Yes, Game of Thrones is fun to watch and no, we’re not talking about HBO.

It is in essence unfortunately a social paradox because there is a cliché that we’re not here to have fun but rather get a job done. We beg to differ.

The best kind of work is accomplished with not only a sense of passion but also joy. That enjoyment can come from many places not excluding the immediate environment and many things you can control like personal comfort. It also includes the most obvious out-of-control factors which is precisely what the hell it is you’re doing.

When it comes to work fun really does count. The shift in time perception when something is actually fun to do is truly one of the miracles of life


We try to avoid writing link bait or self help posts like 7-things-to-help-you-get-through-the-day so we’ll avoid what obvious steps can be taken to improve your immediate work environment except to add that water, tea, walks and good food are really high up the list. In that vein we’ll also avoid getting into how-to-get-inspired speeches except to hint that like attracts like and our Creative Process Infographic covers a bunch of these bases.

fun at work
What is worth discussing and remembering are moments where we were called upon to undertake a task and we turned it into an absolute pleasure. Of course a kid is asking for it when he asked his creative director father to help with a school project and the result was Seven’s Period Table of Monsters complete with chart, numbers, descriptions and unique names.

So many other ideas were eventually born from talking a few hours out to indulge in this project and it’s the perfect reminder that (a) creative director dads are cool and (b) you should always make time for fun and try to bring it to your work in any way you can.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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