It’s important to nurture and foster emerging talent so it’s nice to see when a business makes that their focus, just like Gaffa gallery in the heart of the CBD. Situated in a beautiful heritage listed building, Gaffa is an independent art organisation showcasing affordable cutting edge, contemporary art and design. The space is situated over three floors with gallery space, studios and areas for workshops as well as space for initiatives like the Arcade project which is a platform for emerging and emerged independent designers and artisans. Not limiting themselves to providing space and support for up-and-coming artists, Gaffa also provides space for emerging curators and gives them a chance to run their own guest exhibitions. This hive of activity is a breeding ground for not only heightened creativity but also cross-collaboration across different mediums, which from a professional point of view can only be a good thing for building mad artistic skills. This is something that is openly sought and encouraged by Gaffa. To us, Gaffa is like a professional dreamland – we may have to pick up the paintbrush again just so we can join in.


Interested in knowing more about Gaffa or what’s on exhibition at the moment? Head to their website to learn more. They also have a Facebook page with lots of information on latest events, exhibitions, and artists. It’s also worthwhile checking out their Instagram with lots of ‘behind the scenes’ photos of setting up of exhibitions.


by Jaime MacMillan

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