Galerie pompom

Vibrant art space Galerie pompom is a humble, and relatively new art gallery in the creative district of Chippendale. Founded in 2012 by Ron and George Adams, the Yokel team is excited to write this week about the space, as it stands for everything the team is into – developing the best of Sydney’s local artists, and nurturing their creativity to exhibit their latest work.

Galerie pompom

Developing the best of Sydney’s local artists and nurturing their creativity, Galerie pompom exhibits some damn fine art in their Chippendale space

The gallery has become a leading art space in Chippendale, being home to a stable of vast artistic mediums including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography and performance art. Ron and George Adams established MOP Projects prior to Galerie pompom; MOP sits next door to pompom and is predominantly an artist run initiative gallery, just FYI! Extending their success of MOP to Galerie pompom, emerging artists have the fantastic chance to show off their work – all with the professional and commercial help of Ron, George and Samantha Ferris, Galerie pompom’s manager.

For the most part, exposure is incredibly important; for artists wanting to display their work, Galerie pompom is the perfect way to promote an artist’s incredible talent. To achieve the esteem of the art world, having your art exhibited here will definitely help to boost your success. Running on the success of MOP Projects, artists that have gained popularity and been represented by established and major galleries and institutions have been selected to showcase their work at Galerie pompom.

With exhibitions popping up regularly, Galerie pompom most recently exhibited the works of Samuel Quinteros and Miles Hall in some brilliant installations. Two upcoming exhibits will display work from Sarah Mosca and Carla Liesch from July 23 until August 17 – to help these artists’ out, the Yokel team encourages all to take a squiz at the magnificent art on show!

Check out Galerie pompom’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram for what’s new!

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by Nicole Knuckey

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