Georgina Kinch – Double Gate Fold Square Catalogue

Georgina Kinch Art and Design is an artist based in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  Living in Australia as well as overseas, her career has enabled her work to be showcased in many notable exhibitions, gaining local and international praise, as well as opening her own gallery in Paddington.  Kinch’s practice is heavily influenced by ‘forests, wildflowers, food and lifestyle’ which she enjoyed and fine-tuned whilst residing in France.  She now solely specialises in commissioned pieces, which she refers to as ‘Healing Art’, creating tailor-made artworks and portraits for various medical centres, homes and workplaces.  And they do just that.  Staring into one of her paintings leaves you feeling just that little bit lighter and brighter, getting lost in the layers and depths of the glorious subject matter within.  She discovers much satisfaction within these works, finding it fulfilling to ‘be able to translate my inspiration for my client onto canvas in a style and subject that reflects them”.  A long time client and friend, we were stoked Kinch asked us to collaborate and craft a catalogue which will assist in promoting her ‘Healing Art’ collection to potential investors.  Her art, influenced by aspects of realism and classicism uses subtlety of colour, tone and light to uniquely capture the heart of her focus. We used multiple works throughout the catalogue to demonstrate her skills aplenty and crafted type that wouldn’t overshadow the imagery.  We then carefully cut the catalogue, creating the square gate fold layout and finished with a beautiful gloss varnish over the top.  The end product is a little packaged bundle of goodness which represents Georgina Kinch Art and Design and introduces her practice to audiences far and wide.  Envious of this little catalogue?  Pop into our design studio and we’ll help you create your own.

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