Getting Your Shit Together for Xmas

Getting your shit together for Xmas starts now… We know because every year we get calls in December and it’s too late. So in celebration of today’s palindromic date (01.11.10), we thought that we’d lauch a campaign to remind you that custom designed xmas cards or postcards are probably the coolest thing you could do for customers, friends and fam. If you’re a bit of a tight arse (who isn’t), you really don’t need to do much more than a custom card because they look so awesome! For a couple of dollars a pop it’s a sweet deal.

We can design then for $132. Some ideas that come to mind are naked baby photos, over the top glamour shots, your favorite pet or plant and David Hasselhoff in Speedos. Of course you’re only limited by your imagination (and yes, we will print tasteful nudes). We can print 50 digital for $190 and 500 offset for $480. Delivery is free anywhere in Australia. Sweet.

Call us on 1300 88 12 12 to dicuss your xmas card needs.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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