Globetrotting Gourmet

Food is more than a little bit important, right? We need it to survive, it provides us with the energy to get on with our day to day lives and it’s seriously delicious. Robert Carmack and Morrison Polkinghorne are two gents who love food, particularly the culinary delights of south-east Asia and in turn this provided them with the inspiration for their business, Globetrotting Gourmet. Robert, a cook-book author and television food-stylist and Morrison, a textile designer host small boutique food tours to south-east Asia, encouraging people to learn about new cultures through the universal mechanism of food. Food glorious food. Promising punters a food tour unlike others they try to show an undiscovered side of each region, fully encompassing the concept ‘off the beaten track.’ What we think is so great about Globetrotting Gourmet is that they are consciously committed to sustainable tourism and responsible travel and contribute positively to the communities they visit by supporting independent individuals and small businesses and avoid large, foreign owned conglomerates. We think it’s so important and commendable that this is how they run as a business because in a very saturated tourism industry they have a point of difference that also allows them to be sustainable and environmentally minded. And with a portion of the proceeds from every tour donated to a worthy cause or training program, the two Newtown locals are to be congratulated!


Globetrotting Gourmet
Hungry to know more? Head to the website to learn more about what they do or to even book yourself in to one of their up coming tours to Thailand, Vietnam or Burma! They also have a Facebook page that boasts lots of photos of delicious food. Their Flickr gives a great visual insight into what to expect on tour.



by Jaime MacMillan

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