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We’ve never been to Denmark but hope one day we can travel to Copenhagen. Until that day, we’ll be trying to include as much Danish influence into our lives as we can – and we’ve found one valuable resource that lets us live out our Danish dreams: Grandfathers Axe.

grandfathers axe

Boasting Australia’s largest range of vintage mid-century modern furniture, Grandfathers Axe grants all of your interior wishes, and wont break the budget

Located in Alexandria, Grandfathers Axe boasts Australia’s largest range of vintage mid-century modern furniture from both Europe and Australia, so you can mix up your interiors in a thoroughly international way. With affordable prices so everyone can access their stock, new items arrive in both their Sydney and Melbourne stores every 3-4 weeks from Europe- so if you’re anything like us you’ll be obsessively checking their website for sightings of new arrivals.

That’s the great thing about Grandfathers Axe: that they keep their website up to scratch by immediately taking down images of sold items and all new stock is photographed and uploaded onto their site within 24 hours, so you’re always in the loop. One major reason why we love Grandfathers Axe, is that they are a business that has carved out a niche for themselves, so much so, they’ve become known specialists. But unlike some other businesses who have a niche, they market themselves as affordable so everyone can access them.

In the mood to re-decorate? Head to the Grandfathers Axe website to check out their entire range. Or give them a nice big “Like” on Facebook which is also updated frequently with photos of new stock arriving in store.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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