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Happy is a new music, art, culture and music news blog and festival and all round awesome initiative. After a hiatus from the live music scene while they focused on their online presence, they are back putting on shows and we’re pretty excited about it.

Happy HEAD Poster

We wanted to give Happy’s upcoming show Head! maximum exposure, so we re-appropriated the poster design across all of their social platforms and zines

After throwing a pretty badass EP launch for Spookyland back in June, Happy’s next project is Head!, a series of shows at FBi Social curated by musicians. First curator off the block is Atlas B Salvesen, a Sydney based folk singer/songwriter. The idea behind the shows is that the curating musician choses performers that they themselves would want to see, and true to Happy’s philosophy is focused on emerging local talent. To find out who manages Spookyland, Atlas B Salvesen and more head over to the Happy gig page.

social media design
To promote a show you need artwork, and when Happy needs artwork they come to us. Event branding is always a fun project, especially for a music event because you tend to get a lot of free reign. One of the perks of working with a team as long as we’ve been working with Happy is that a bond of trust develops, so they now trust us explicitly.

One of many awesome things that Happy does is accompany their interviews with custom illustrations. Each of our team members has their favourites, but one that we collectively love was done by Nicky Minus for the Gang of Youths interview. It has a sweet, quirky, laid back vibe that we thought would be perfect for Head!

social media design
We sought Nicky’s illustrative talents to create the elements of the design, and then re-appropriated them. While we love Nicky’s raw textured aesthetic, for Head! we wanted a cleaner look so we set about vectorising the individual elements which also gave us the freedom to adapt the layout to all of the needed formats.

Happy has an extensive social network with thousands of fans across multiple platforms. We wanted to capitalise on this by not just putting up the poster as a post, but by branding all of Happy’s platforms to ensure maximum exposure. Add to this branding their zines (which are sent four times a week) and traditional forms of print and web advertising, and they really are getting the most exposure possible for the show.

The final Head! poster is vibey, eye-catching and a true collectable. The true test of good design is diversity, and we think you’ll agree that the branding looks just as amazing across Happy’s social media platforms as it does in print. We’ll see you at the show!

Happy also have an excellent gig guide which you should definitely check out.

HEAD event branding

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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