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Happy Music Festival is pop-up music festival and music news blog that returns to Sydney this year with the Happy Campfire Sessions.

The Campfire Sessions will be hosting a series of live shows in a bunch of unconventional venues starting in Sydney’s inner-west and moving out. The big thing that’s changed is the push into the digital arena with each of these live shows being broadcast on their dedicated website.

digital proposal

We wanted to go really digital with these proposals and create a personal URL for each of the companies that Happy Music Festival approached.

In order to bring these artists to the stage and screen, Happy Music Festival is looking for sponsors, in return for advertising space and eyeballs. Being associated with a music festival is a pretty cool thing, and Happy Festival needed a way to communicate everything that would entail to their potential sponsors.

Companies are approached for sponsorship and advertising deals all the time, and Happy Festival needed to differentiate themselves and make sure their message wasn’t tossed away immediately into musical equivalent of the dreaded slush pile.

digital proposal
We decided to go really digital with these proposals, giving us the ability to create a personal URL for each of the companies that Happy Music Festival was planning  to approach.

We made use of the best advantages that digital technology could provide us with, which meant that each person who clicked on their link arrived at an individually customised page, which presented them with a beautifully designed breakdown of where their sponsorship could take them, and a visual display of how their branding could look (again, beautiful) when aligned with that of Happy Campfire Sessions.

digital proposal
The response to these personalised proposal pages has been brilliant. We know when people Happy Music have approached log in to their personal page, and we know when they log in again, and again.

The personal element to these pitch pages has been able to generate a lot of interest. There is something about being drawn into future possibilities which you can see right in front you, with your actual brand, which makes it more real, and which makes that point of contact much more meaningful.

Happy also have an excellent gig guide which you should definitely check out.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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