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With their well-tuned finger firmly on the pulse, Happy is a music blog featuring new and emerging Australian artists. Simply put, they are legitimately preaching cool.

However, they are not too cool. Focused on discovery, Happy is written for everyone. You don’t have to belong to a sub culture, wear pseudo intellectual glasses, have a beard, multiple tattoos, or intimately understand the introduction of the sitar into western rock music. Hell, you don’t even have to like kale. You just have to love music.

Born as a community minded music festival, and then reincarnated as a project turning non-music venues into band nights as a way to expose new music. Happy is now truly hit its stride as a wonderful hub for song enthusiasts, that is owned and run by serious music lovers with one common goal; to share awesome Australian music.

Happy music blog
With so many great (and some not so great) artists out there it can be hard to work out what is worthy of a listen. Happy offer you a helping hand, or 12 from their dedicated writers all around Australia. But its more than that, each writer has a true love of the music they review and aims to expose epic new acts and give them the coverage they deserve.

And with twenty two million viewers annually they are succeeding. More than just album reviews, Happy also features pop culture news, illustrations, exclusives, interviews, music news and videos. Hell, you can even find out about the sounds of the planets. The guys and gals at Happy have recently introduced Happy NZ, so they can spread the love on the most amazing new music to come from our kiwi neighbours.

Bob Dylan once said “it wouldn’t matter if anybody ever made another record. They have got enough songs”. To that Happy says, hell no! So get online, find that special unknown artist, their new songs, go to their wonderfully intimate gig and see them, before they totally blow up.


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