Hawkesbury Art Fair Branding

One of our treasured arts clients Hawkesbury Regional Gallery is firmly focused on the up and coming while ensuring artistic and creative heritage is upheld. Housed in the iconic Deerubbin Centre, the gallery plays host to a rotation of specialised and travelling shows covering visual art, craft, photography and design.

Always doing something new and different, Hawkesbury are holding their inaugural Art Fair in 2014, with the aim of supporting the arts and creative industries. It is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the many talented individuals practicing in the area. We were delighted when they approached us to do the branding for this first event which would hopefully pave the way for many in the future.

Hawkesbury Art Fair

The brand for the Hawkesbury Art Fair needed to encapsulate creativity and have a timeless element as it potentially needed to be used again in coming years

As well as offering all art on display for sale, the fair will include talks, demonstrations, an opening night event and kids holiday workshops, to encourage further participation and engagement from the public, adding to this unique experience.

Such an event needed a strong, distinctive brand that would encapsulate creativity and a timeless element as it potentially needed to be used again in coming years. It needed to stand out, becoming instantly recognisable and associated with the event.

Hawkesbury Art Fair

The Art Fair branding would also serve to consolidate Hawkesbury Regional Gallery’s standing as a strong competitor in the arts sector. It needed to bring an edgy element to reflect the contemporary programs which they as a gallery are known for.

The fair is to have a distinct community vibe, with everyone welcome to join in this celebration of the creativity of the region. The logo and accompanying material needed to have a sense of this joy and playfulness coming through.

The chosen concept is based on a tangram, one of the simplest puzzles that can make a myriad of shapes essentially from pieces of the one square. They’re often used as a creative exercise in schools where the aim is to use all seven of the flat shapes to form a given silhouette without any of them overlapping.

Hawkesbury Art Fair

We have used this metaphor to represent the coming together of all different people and disciplines for the event. The adaptability of the different pieces that form the logo give the brand an element of flexibility being able to adapt to all the different required mediums for the event.

The use of a bold colour palette and white text tie the visual together and give the whole a modern, arts feel. The brand is strong in all of it’s variations, ensuring that the varying collateral and advertising material used for the fair is cohesive.

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