Hillbilly Cider

When we think of a hillbilly we think of that stereotype: American, toothless, living off the land.


With no added sugar or artificial flavours, Hillbilly Cider is made by husband and wife duo using apples from their Bilpin orchard

So we were surprised to hear about a Blue Mountains business that have named themselves after one, however we’re the ones who’ve received an education this week. According to Hillbilly Cider, a hillbilly is actually a true bohemian who lives by the rules of the land. So we were nearly right, but their version sounds much better.

Run by husband and wife duo Shane and Tessa, Hillbilly cider makes delicious cider that is 100% natural, using apples grown on their Bilpin orchard. The award winning cider has no added sugar or artificial flavours and is made using as little intervention as possible, which makes it extra tasty.

What’s so great to see about this business is the passion they exude. This isn’t just their work, it’s their lifestyle and by the looks of things they’re loving it. We work with a lot of businesses and the people that stick in our minds are the ones that are passionate about what they do – it’s infectious.

And if cider isn’t your cup of tea, the Bilpin hillbillies also make wine, Canobah Bridge. Seems like these hillbillies know how to party.

Remember it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere so head to the Hillbilly Cider website to check out their ciders and find a stockist near you. Their Facebook page is updated regularly with plenty of thirst quenching news and updates.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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