How We Adore Thee

Oh magazines, how we adore thee.  Your content so utterly refreshing and well thought out, you make us want to hang onto our pennies and (maybe skip a few meals) a little longer for your monthly or bi monthly arrival. We just snapped up the latest issue of King Brown magazine which never seems to disappoint (who are you good people -seriously).  The mag showcases contemporary artists and their work, enclosed within a glorious brown silk screened bag where inside you will discover things that you never needed but suddenly always wanted, like artist’s stickers and posters galore.  All these elements are sewn shut within the bag to contain all that good stuff until the chosen one makes a purchase and rips open the bag at a particular moment and unleashes the curated amazingness within.

When we get a spare moment, we find ourselves desiring reading material that isn’t necessarily a brochure full to the brim of advertisements for the latest electrical appliance or perhaps not in the best head space to commit to beginning the thick, leather bound book that now resides on your bedside table collecting dust.  A magazine fills this gap in our minds quite perfectly,  as we want something that allows us the time to unwind and dive head first into a universe of imagery and stories of curiosity, challenge and meaning, while still giving us the ability to put it down and get back to our everyday.  We can still keep returning again and again discovering new things we hadn’t explored before and tear bits out that we love so dearly,  plastering them to our walls. Their clever curation is what makes them tick.  The most successful mags around these days struggle to define themselves as almost a book but not quite a magazine or maybe more of an art zine.  Such confusion as to what exactly their category is.  But maybe, just maybe, this exact uncertainty is what makes them succeed. Their curation of content is what defines them no matter what category they fall into.  They keep pushing the boundaries, igniting their readers to do the same.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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