Hurricane Duke

Because of our lack in green thumbs, we thought the immaculate gardens and plants on Pinterest were out of reach. We were wrong.

Apparently there’s a fairy in town to grant our botanical styling and design wishes! Inspired by her childhood garden, memories of exotic landscapes, wilderness and botanic gardens, Patricia Kaziro began Hurricane Duke, specialising in botanical styling and design as a way to transform homes and even offices.


Botanical styling and design company Hurricane Duke was created by Pastricia Kaziro, who brings a heavy nostalgic and exotic influence to the table

Just so you know, Patricia Kaziro is a horticultural expert! She’s able to give advice and help select suitable plants for pots, garden beds, vertical walls and installations that will not only make your green spaces beautiful but also functional – so even those severely lacking a green thumb can manage!

No space is out of reach or too small as Hurricane Duke can even custom make terrariums to add a bit of greenery and a lot of style. What we love in particular, is Patricia’s ability to combine two interests to create a successful business: plants and people. We completely believe the idea that when you love what you do, you can never be unsuccessful.

Ready to get a little bit more green? Head to the Hurricane Duke website to check out Patricia’s work and enquire after your own horticultural update. Hurricane Duke’s Facebook and Twitter is flourishing with news and updates. Grab a cuppa and head to their Pinterest to feel really inspired.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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