Infinite Design Solutions

There are infinite design solutions for the most articulated brief. When we say this, we’re aware that it sounds like a contradiction. How can you tell somebody exactly what you want and yet have them be able to interpret that in so many different ways? It must be wrong. After all, in so many situations, the purpose of telling somebody exactly what you want is to rule out every other possible variation to your request. When you get to the cafe in the morning and ask for a soy flat white, what you’re effectively also saying is that you don’t want a skim cappuccino. It seems pretty obvious.

Infinite Design Solutions

But when we expand out to something you might purchase with more variability, like say a house (one day), what we’re proposing becomes a little more clear. You might be sure about a few important things, like you definitely want it to be in a great Sydney suburb, more specifically in the Inner West (maybe even Enmore!). You want it to have two bedrooms, because you don’t have little kiddies yet, but maybe one day you think you might. You want it to have a back yard, so that your new little pup Felix has room to play around. These are the really important things that you know you need, but you can’t predict exactly how they lay out in your dream home. That’s why you’ll trek to inspection after inspection on your precious Saturday mornings, because although you might have a feeling about it, you won’t know exactly what will be perfect for you until you see it.

If we switch back to our main topic of expertise (definitely not real estate by the way), we can tell you that working with a design studio to create design work for any kind of new venture is definitely more like the second instance of house hunting than the first instance of simply picking up a morning coffee. Although we can definitely assure you that you won’t be paying this off for thirty years! A single business might work just as well branded in monochrome, three colours or a fluro gradient. It is the process that will eliminate certain ideas, bring others to the fore and eventually help that business pick out the perfect choice for them.

A design request is best described by your ideas, feelings and intent. Rather than tell us the shapes, the colours, and their exact positions on the page, we want to hear about what the design work will mean to you, your business and your customers, and how you will deem it a success. No one knows your business or purpose better than you, and we want to hear about what you need from the person that knows that best. There are so many possible combinations for styles and layout and fonts; these are all the technical design decisions that we’ve spent years learning about. Our job is to take that clear direction from you and turn it into something tactile and beautiful.

Image Source: Paul Smith

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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