Infographic – Branding

Branding Infographic

No matter what your business is, you have a brand. And with the power to win (or lose) the hearts and minds of clients, customers and new prospects, that brand is the most important asset of your business. With over half of our clients being start ups or small businesses, we understand that this can instead be somewhat daunting, especially upon the realisation that a brand is more than a logo and bigger than a sign. Getting recognised as a brand – brand visibility – is the ultimate factor in the quest to build a loyal community who truly believe that there is no substitute for what your business or service offers.

Of course visibility in the world is a lot easier with unlimited funds and skill. In fact, one can do almost anything with this. But the majority of us need to work with what we have. The good news is building a brand is similar to baking a loaf of bread – often all we need is a good measure of some key ingredients, a little patience and a plan.

Branding Infographic

If you’re starting out or already have a brand, we believe there are 4 key things every brand should have to make its mark in the world. Firstly, your logo. Don’t underestimate the power of a great looking logo and consistent branding. A well considered name, symbols, typography and colour palette will affect a consumer’s first impression as well as immediately position your brand in the market.

Following this is collateral, which is everything that makes up the visual, tangible aspects of your brand – business cards, letterheads and signage all enhance your brand and serve as a constant reminder and ultimately make sales easier.

The third ingredient is Social Media. Original content is an effective SEO tool – it’s also an effective engagement tool. However, Social Media was never intended to replace websites (the fourth and final ingredient here). Leverage your site by posting links to your blog via social media and encourage interaction around your brand. 55% more website traffic is gained through blogging, so forming a digital strategy is an important part of this process. If you are unsure about what to put on your website here’s one of our other infographics on website landing pages.

Branding Infographic

There will undoubtedly be things in this process that are by far outside your skill set, or perhaps you simply may not have the time. Investing in a professional to help you get the branding process started will undoubtedly pay off later down the track.

Branding needs to be memorable with a clear message and point of difference. This is what will create the emotional trigger between the consumer and your product, and ultimately that ‘gut feeling’ a consumer has about your brand or business.

Branding Infographic

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Branding Infographic
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