Creative Processes Infographic

Being creative doesn’t always come naturally, even for those whose job is to be creative. Including us. But when your living depends on being creative you don’t have the time to wait for inspiration to take hold. In this latest infographic we look at the creative process and ways to overcome those pesky roadblocks that always somehow get in the way.

Studies have shown that adding flowers or some greenery to your working environment can dramatically increase your ability to problem solve and generate ideas. By making a simple change to where you work can aid your ability to be creative by almost 15%.

At IYBI we’ve taken this tip on board and have added some plant life to the studio, and not only does it make for an aesthetically pleasing addition, but has opened up our creative thinking and has inspired some incredible conceptual work this year.

creative processes

In this latest infographic IYBI look at the creative process and ways to overcome those pesky roadblocks that always somehow get in the way

Jumping into a new task feet-first can often lead to feeling overwhelmed which often means procrastination is not too far behind. Next time you have a new project on your hands why not try to break it down and brainstorm.

Brainstorming is a great way to focus your thoughts and ideas and can often lead to creative solutions you may not have thought of previously. And if you can brainstorm in collaboration with someone else – even better!

Our tip when brainstorming is to never break a tangent, even if you don’t think it’s good enough or is not going to lead anywhere worthwhile. Some of our best work and ideas has been born out of a good brainstorming session – including names we’ve worked on.

creative processes
Like brainstorming, creating a mood board with a collection of images, words and examples of work you like can really help push through creative blocks. Marketing through social media sites like Pinterest is a really great way to collect various forms of inspiration to help formulate an idea, stimulate creativity, and flesh out what you want to achieve.

Especially with creative work, sometimes it’s easier to imagine what you want to achieve with images rather than words and a mood board is a great way to do so. Mood boards are also great to have placed within your work area to help with creativity when you’re struggling to break through. At IYBI all our conceptual work starts out as a mood board and is a vital tool in our work.

creative processes
There’s nothing quite like having a thirst quenching beverage at the end of the working day. But have you ever considered that having a beer could actually aid creativity? It makes sense though since many of us like to have a drink to loosen up in social situations, the same applies when approaching a creative task.

Everyone is inherently creative but sometimes we need a little help realising our own creative potential. Did you know some of the world’s greatest artworks have been produced by people who were under the influence? Take Willem de Kooning’s “Woman, I” for example which was painted in a less than sober state.

Remember though, too much of a good thing can also lead to some very bad ideas…

creative processes
Sometimes just stepping away from the computer screen and changing things up can have a profound effect on pushing through creative boundaries. Why not get a little messy and fingerpaint as a way to unlock your creative awesomeness and approach your task in a new way!

Did you know that everyone at IYBI is actually an illustrator as well as a designer and/or developer? Not only is this one way IYBI stands apart from competitors, but by being able to start many of our projects as an illustration produces infinitely more creative results.

creative processes
No, we’re not asking you if you’re feeling sad, although some of history’s most creative artists did produce works as a cathartic way to express sadness and turmoil, but we just wanted to let you know that the colour blue is another key to unlocking creative blocks.

Associated with feelings of openness and tranquility, and reminiscent of the ocean and sky, blue is a colour that can inspire creativity. Why not try adding something blue to your working environment to evoke some creativity. It’s also a great colour to use in your business.

creative processes
Here’s another tip from us to help get creative: leave the office. Yep, pick up your things and head to the nearest cafe. Not only for the promise of a caffeine fix but it’s been shown that the background sounds of a cafe is the perfect amount of noise to produce creativity: not completely silent and not so loud it’s distracting.

If going to a cafe is not practical for you, companies have started producing apps that replicate the sounds of general cafe chatter so you can bring the cafe to your own workspace. Ours is a soy latte by the way.

creative processes infographic
Just like you make time to do your washing, calculate your finances or more importantly squeeze in lunch, scheduling time to be creative is a great way to focus the mind on the task at hand. Allowing yourself the time to experiment freely can really help get past your perceived limitations as long as you don’t pressure yourself to produce something. Just enjoy the experience, and you never know what will come out of it.

Getting into the habit of ‘being creative’ can only be a good thing, as they say – practice makes perfect. Or in this case practice makes creative. Here in the studio, we enjoy taking some time out to illustrate and create. It allows us to experiment and try out new things. Work doesn’t always have to feel like work you know!

If you’re in a creative rut – take a nap! Sleeping, particularly REM sleep, which is the sleep you’re in when you dream, has been shown to help inspire ideas and solutions. That’s why so many creative people keep a notebook by their bed to write down thoughts that come to them when they’re asleep.

Likewise, sleeping on an idea that you’re not happy with or are struggling to make progress can sometimes benefit with a snooze. Looking at something with fresh eyes the next day can throw open new possibilities and ideas which can help rejuvenate creative flow.

creative processes infographic
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Creative Processes Infographic
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