Why ‘Like’ a Page? Social Media Infographic

Social Media Infographic

Get to the bottom of why people like or don’t like a page on the interwebs with tried and tested ideas on our latest infographic. Part of the IYBI tool kit

At a digital agency who’s core focus has shifted from design to digital strategy over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how consumers and casual visitors interact with their digital world. We’d like to share some of what we’ve found in the form of our latest Social Media infographic. It seems selfish to keep all of that knowledge goodness to ourselves, don’t you think?

Social Media Infographic
This time we were looking at a tricky little social media issue – why do consumers and surfers choose to like a page? And why might they choose to like your page? Well if you’re friends with them they kind of have to. But what if you don’t know them at all?

Let’s be honest, Facebook likes are pretty precious, and in the heady early days of Facebook, we all probably gave them away too cheap. Nowadays it’s a lot more difficult to get someone to give up some of their precious Facebook feed real estate, between updates from their favourite chocolate shop and the shoe repairer they liked just for the potential discounts.

Social Media Infographic
What inspires a stranger stumbling across your page, to stop and decide they’d like to hear more about you? Our research shows us that a lot of the time, the motivation is a competition or giveaway. Offering a prize in return for the person liking or sharing your post is a great way to gain exposure, and reach many people who would otherwise not have known who you are.

Other reasons include them being genuinely interested in your brand, and wanting to receive up to date information quickly and easily, via a platform that they already engage on a daily basis. It’s much easier to check your Facebook or Twitter feed and see what your favourite businesses are doing, rather than having to actively seek out each company’s individual website.

Social Media Infographic
Posts which are accompanied by good imagery are always more engaging, and this is one of the reasons that Instagram has become so popular. Besides having the opportunity to share your own photos, companies (especially in the fashion, retail and hospitality industries) put a lot of effort into creating attention grabbing images, often sharing behind the scenes sneek-peeks to create further interest for their followers. With an estimated 860 thousand images uploaded every day, it’s definitely worth having an active profile.

With 97% of consumers saying that their experience of a brand online has influenced whether or not they purchase a product, keeping all of your social profiles up to date and putting an effort into creating interesting content really can convert into sales. With the same percentage of people naming Facebook as their favoured social media platform, you have a much higher chance of someone engaging with you by liking or sharing your posts on Facebook than on any other platform.

Social Media Infographic
We hope that this infographic has given you a little more insight about how consumers are interacting with brands and businesses on some of the more popular social media platforms.

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Social Media Infographic
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by Radi Safi

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