Most of our infographics were developed from the studios desire to share our understanding of a topic with a larger audience. From onsite health checks through to brand and product naming cheat sheets we hope you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoyed creating them. If you’d like us to develop an inforgraphic for you, please feel free to get in touch.

creative processes infographic

Creative Processes Infographic

Being creative doesn’t always come naturally, even for those whose job is to be creative. Including us. But when your living depends on being creative you don’t have the time to wait for inspiration to ...
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Web Site Pitfalls

Web Site Pitfalls Infographic

IYBI’s latest offering is an infographic about first time web development and web design pit falls designed to help those new to the world of web sites make better decisions Our latest offering is an ...
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Landing Page Infographic

Landing Page Best Practices Infographic

IYBI’s latest infographic is designed as an introduction to the concept of landing pages and the best practices associated with the design of that page Our latest infographic is an introduction to the best practices ...
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Naming your brand infographic

Naming Your Business Tips – Naming Your Brand & Naming Your Product Infographic

IYBI’s Naming Your Brand Infographic is a no brainer self-help guide to help naming your business as carefully as your first born child. Would you name your brand as carefully as your first born child? ...
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