Inspiration at Every Step

Inspiration. It’s in the music you’re listening to, the beautiful plant by your window or even from the person who goes for their morning jog rain, hail or shine. Anything and everything can evoke inspiration.

There’s no point denying it: all of us need more inspiration in our lives. But have you ever considered how intrinsic inspiration is to your success? Professionally speaking, inspiration shouldn’t stop after the conception of an idea but rather it should carry on throughout the entire process and if you implement this, you’re bound to experience a greater deal of success and satisfaction.

Put simply, if you include inspiration at every step, you are already paving the way for better results.

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Inspiration can be the springboard for creativity, it can progress you toward goals and increase your well-being. It’s a triple threat if you ask us – should be welcomed into your life with open arms (although perhaps a topic for another day)! Not only does this apply to businesses, but all facets of your life.

Inspiration can be activated, captured, manipulated and has a major effect on important life outcomes. So why wouldn’t you want to pay a little more attention to the things going on around you? We all want to be more knowledgable, fitter, healthier, more organised, happier, kinder, better-looking, and we can all be a little closer to that simply by being aware of our surroundings and striving to be inspired (and inspire) in even the small aspects of our lives.

Still not convinced? Take this example: You’re cooking a meal but rather than haphazardly preparing ingredients, chucking things into various pots and pans and becoming flustered as things start to boil and burn, wouldn’t it be far wiser to take the time to plan, and really pay attention to what you’re doing and find inspiration in what you’re trying to create.

Spend time preparing the ingredients, cutting them into even pieces laid out and measured into separate bowls (not unlike your favourite TV chef) and enjoy the experience. It’s the whole process that’s enjoyable and the end result will be that little bit tastier – for you because you made every step beautiful, and for your guests because perfection of the process will often lead to a perfected result.

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But remember, even if you become incredibly inspired and itching to get going, you wouldn’t go all guns blazing at a new project without careful planning and consideration would you? For example, you wouldn’t just go ahead and delve into building a treehouse without talking to your kids about what kind they want, finding a sturdy tree and researching building techniques.

The only way the end result can be beautiful and successful (and not fall out of the tree) is if every step is considered.

Inspiration shouldn’t stop after the conception of an idea but rather it should carry on throughout the entire process, acting as a springboard for ideas


Remember, it’s all about finding your own level of polish and refinement so make a conscious choice about what you want to put effort into.

So if you’re a business how do you get inspired? Luckily inspiration is not some strange mythical creature that only lives in legends, but once you put your mind to it, can be everywhere.

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The easiest way is to look to other successful people that you wish to emulate. Maybe it’s their business model, the product or service that they provide or just their general demeanour that you find inspirational. Don’t forget that tuning in to the success of others can give you clues to how that can translate into success for yourself.

So who are these people – these inspirational, successful people that we speak of. They are people who always bring their A-game – their best attitude and abilities to every situation. Successful people have inspiration and for us, that’s inspiring.

Opening yourself up to inspiration can be a very humbling experience and one that is vital to success – so consider it and plan for it in everything you do.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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