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There comes a time for every business when they decide it’s time for a new look. Ironically for a design studio, this can be one of the most exciting (but needless to say ongoing) challenges.

As you would have noticed, at the beginning of the year we re-branded the studio. The brand is fluid, adapting as we get feedback and reactions. Being nimble is one of a small businesses greatest assets, and one that we are particularly proud of.


When designing our new business cards, we wanted them to be eye-catching, on-brand and an irresistible calling card for clients

When we launched our new website that would reflect our evolution into a full digital agency, we found that it lacked a human element which was so prominent in our old site, so we added an illustration of the studio to the footer. This inclusion was such a big hit than we have since vectorised it and made it a key part of the new IYBI brand.

When we can manage to squeeze some time in between client projects we are rolling out the brand into all aspects of our public face. As anybody with a business would be aware, this is a big task.

It means updating your Facebook, Twitter and all of your other social platforms. It means updating all of the documents that you use on a daily basis like quotes, proposals and invoices. And it means updating your print collateral including your letterhead and business cards.

Designing collateral is always a bit tricky, but even more so when you’re a studio full of perfectionists. When somebody comes and visits us for a chat, one of the first things we do (like many companies) is hand them a business card. This is their take away, and the thing that will remind them of you and what you spoke about. So you want it to be eye catching and the information easy to digest.

Our last cards were a vertical format, and we decided to continue that trend with the new design. It’s a little unusual (just like us) so it creates a point of difference, and just feels right.

We decided to use the figures from our studio illustration to differentiate our team members. While we all have skills across many areas, within the studio we each have key roles which are represented through the choice of each persons character.

The inclusion of both our logo marks – the IYBI and crossed pentagon – tell people exactly who we are, and introduce our signature green. Beautifully laid out type completes the design.

We’re pretty excited to give out our new calling cards, so feel free to come in and discuss a project with us!

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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