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As a studio we like to do our bit for the environment. Some of us are vegans, some of us have worm farms, and all of us recycle! When If You Build It (or the studio formerly known as DPM Creative) moved house from Surry Hills to Stanmore, we ended up with a whole lot of stationery that we could no longer use. Moving is a pain, and we usually end up throwing out a whole lot of stuff that isn’t really junk, but that we just can’t deal with in the moment. But this time we really wanted to make a go of a more sustainable solution.

So what to do with it? As much as we do love recycling, we know there’s two Rs that come before it in the environmental do gooder mantra; reduce and reuse. Recycling has definitely taken over as the biggest hitter out of that trio. Which is unfortunate, because reducing and reusing are so important, but so often forgotten. So we gave it some thought. We definitely couldn’t reduce the stationary that we’d already had printed, so we decided to re-use them. What’s the most used paper based object in a design studio? Apart from our daily to do lists, it would have to be our treasured visual diaries. Filled with thoughts, notes, and doodles, they almost never leave our sides.

We bundled up a whole stack of left over stationary, and removed the extraneous information by cutting them into lovely squares, and bound them into these beautiful and handy little notebooks. Since these books were crafted using only sustainable and recovered papers, it means that not only are they environmentally conscious but no two books are entirely alike. As designers we love a unique product. Not to mention a little self-promotion. These diaries are available for sale on the If You Build It website. So if you want to feel good while being creative, snap one up before they’re gone! Even better we’ve got a little deal running for our valued customers; our first 100 orders through the business cards page will get one free with any order!

If You Build It – Double Wire Visual Diary
Sustainable or Recovered Papers & 100% Post Industrial Cover


by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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