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You know in those movies, where somebody is lonely, they’ve just gotten out of a ridiculously dysfunctional relationship, and now they’re not looking for love anymore, but you just know that they’ll bump into the perfect person on the train, or at the psychologist that they both awkwardly see, or maybe when someone has come to their florists shop to organise flowers for their upcoming wedding (the scandal).

Yes their flower shop, because people in romantic comedies are always florists (or artists, or chefs)!

Jodie McGregor Flowers

The team at Jodie McGregor Flowers love what they do, so we created a brand inspired by them. We love the end result!

Because you know that people in movies can never be totally without some enviable aspect of cool, despite the comically dismal state of their romantic life. A babe like Rachel McAdams has to have something going for her, otherwise our state of disbelief is going to go unsuspended.

Jodie Mcgregor is one of those people with a cool job, although we definitely don’t mean to imply that her love life is in shambles.

She owns Jodie Mcgregor Flowers, for who we just did this full branding and identity kit.

branding sydney
The business has two stores, one in Annandale, and one in Castlecrag. While they do the expected flower shop thing of selling cut flowers in store for gifts and commemorations, they also do bouquets and flower arrangements for weddings, offices and even homes.

We know some flower loving ladies around the inner west who would love to live in homes surrounded by gorgeous florals.

Doing the branding for Jodie McGregor Flowers was one of those fun projects we love with all the extras bits and pieces. Something about those extra bits really convey the essence of quality, like the feeling of being looked after.

We did a logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, candle, tape and swing tag. Love swing tags.

branding sydney
Flowers are all about emotion and the logo represents that to a T. T’s are pretty exacting. You’ll know that feeling when your sweetheart turns up with an unexpected bouquet of beautiful flowers (hopefully not because of a minor indiscretion committed during the past week) and your heart just jumps!

It’s that floaty feeling you get when you realise you’re in love with someone who loves you back. It’s pretty special. That’s what Jodie’s flowers are all about.

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by Radi Safi

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