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Kelly Geddes is an Australian fashion, portraiture, interiors and travel photographer. The skill of photography definitely runs in her family.

She is the daughter of the internationally successful Anne Geddes, whose photography you probably know well but might not be able to connect to her name. If you’ve ever seen a baby dressed as a rabbit sitting in a pumpkin, that would be the work of Anne Geddes.

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The design elements we’ve used here are simple and classic, framing the photography but never cluttering the space.

If you’ve got your own baby and have done some dress ups, you may be surprised at our surprise, but for some bizarre reason, babies dressed as not babies sitting in random objects turns out to be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

photography website
Kelly’s definitely done some beautiful work of her own, and we suspect she won’t be overshadowed by her famous mother for long.

We particularly love her portrait photography; there is a stunning one in there of a woman with a miniature forest blooming from her head. She’s also got a great blog on her site, which gives you a great insight into the projects she working on, the people coming through her studio, and the events she’s attending.

If you love fashion in particular, of late there’s been a lot of great behind the scenes snaps of the goings on at fashion week.

photography website

As with any artist with a great portfolio of work, our job in making the website is to let the work shine. The design elements we’ve used here are simple and classic, framing the work but never cluttering the space.

Black and white is such a classy standard so we’ve used it here to emphasise the high quality and culture of her work.

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