King Street Gallery – Elisabeth Cummings A5 Book

King Street Gallery on William, founded by multi talented art guru’s Robert & Randi Linnegar, is a much loved Sydney gallery space which represents a number of Australia’s most established artists whilst also supporting emerging and mid-career artists.  The gallery centers around painting, whilst also showcasing various sculpture exhibitions, works on paper and print, its aesthetic tied to a commitment to abstract work. The guys came to us wanting to collaborate and create a publication for Elizabeth Cummings show ‘Monotypes: Interiors’ and it’s safe to say we were pretty darn thrilled. Elizabeth Cummings is a successful Australian artist who finds rugged landscapes a constant source of inspiration.  This exhibition showcases Cummings new monotypes printed at the Whaling Road Studios in Sydney, which depicts interiors and still-life subjects explored within a tonal, abstract world that makes us want to jump up and down in appreciation. To say we enjoy Cummings’ work would be a significant understatement. We produced a publication that would marry the aesthetics of King Street’s suave, modern identity, and the playful clarity and sophistication that oozes from Cummings work.  Her monotypes are very intriguing by nature and required time for the viewer to muse and mull (some things just cannot be rushed).  With this consideration in mind, we utilized space and layout to effectively create room for the work to breathe and flow onto each page, ensuring that they wouldn’t get up in each others business and tread all over each others dainty toes.  Once printed, we burst bound the book together with a glorious looking cover.   We couldn’t be more thrilled about this publication, an honest dedication and celebration of the brilliant talent that is Elizabeth Cummings and King Street Gallery.  Like the look of this book? Come by the studio to check out more from our collection.

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by Radi Safi

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