In this instalment, we jump across the pond to New Zealand to discover the luxurious fashion brand with a conscious heart, Kowtow.


Taking a stand against exploitation in developing nations, fashion label Kowtow is fully fair trade certified, uses all organic cotton & is stunning to boot

Tired of the imbalanced and impoverished exploitation of workers in the developing world at the hands of western businesses, Kowtow used their passion (for fashion) as a means to address these imbalances and create a fashion line of 100% certified fair trade organic cotton clothing. Knowledge is power and through their rising profile, Kowtow hope that more people think about where their garments are coming from and upon learning the facts, turn their back on the slave trade economy that exists.

We fully applaud any business that takes a stand like this and fully encourage others to not only get behind and support businesses like this but indeed create their own. And did we mention the clothes are stunning? Simple colour palettes coupled with soft and minimalist silhouettes, the range is beautifully modern and we’re desperate to wear all of it. All of the time.

Keen to know Kowtow and learn more about their philosophy head to the website to have a read and of course, browse the range. Their Facebook has plenty of updates as does their Twitter. The Kowtow Tumblr and Pinterest gives insight into their inspirations while their Instagram keeps us up to date with in picture form. They’re also on Soundcloud with mixes of their favourite sounds!

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by Jaime MacMillan

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