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Little Urban Farmers is the catalyst for the future. Sydney-siders are familiar with the beautiful new hanging gardens of the New Central Park building opposite UTS. Why not build your own?

Great ideals, but we like the way that LUF makes it easy. It’s another of those so simple you can’t believe you’ve NOT thought of it ideas.

hanging plants

With the intention of allowing all homes to grow their own herbs, Little Urban Farmer’s idea is so simple you can’t believe you didn’t think of it

With the single intention of allowing all homes to have herbs growing on kitchen sinks and surfaces Little Urban Farmer is a tiny streamlined online site, built by the fantastic Wix platform. They’re popular already in cafes and homes locally and are ready to grow like the urban farms they offer.

100% Australian Made and Owned, and built from 100% recycled materials, it’s not really something you can feel bad about buying, setting you back only $40AUD for three units.

Little Urban Farmers is only a recent start up, based in Victoria, check out their Facebook and help them develop their community of, well, urban farmers! Their Facebook features updates on their work, whereabouts and supporters.

All about fresh produce, which hasn’t been in storage for weeks or transported around the country (or globe). Enjoying the simple pleasures as well as doing the simple things to help a friendly fresh planet. Owner and founder Michelle is too right that “home grown produce doesn’t cost the earth”! She won the Kevin McLeod ‘Green Heroes’ Competition and is sharing her invigorated entrepreneur energy.

Their blogspot is an excellent source of material. Okay by this I mean Farmer Michelle’s cool recipes and writing, letting you know that by supporting Little Urban Farmers you’re making a real connection. Read about how the lightbulb moment came about and the challenges they’ve faced.

She uses home made olive oil and is an inspiration for those of us trying to be organised in the simple things like meal planning and the difficult sounding things like saving the planet one Urban Farm at a time, not to mention her other duties. Show these guys some support and connect with their story.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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