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Investing Holistically in Logo Development

Understanding your customers and target market as well as your goals forms the basis of our approach to logo and brand design. This philosophy has seen IYBI develop a highly evolved method based on equal parts research and market placement followed by our creative process. The result? A world-class product that’s both functional and beautiful.

If You Build It will deliver a logo that is aesthetically pleasing and effectively communicates your business identity to your target audience.

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A Value Proposition

There’s something fundamentally unique about every business. That value proposition is what turns a visitor into a customer. Our process ensures that every logo IYBI develops elicits a unique emotional response that will transform each visit into a win. A great company logo will capture the essence of your business and will make your brand resonate in the minds of your target audience.

A logo should be original as well as practical. It should speak to a business’s target audience and build brand awareness by creating positive associations. There are two broad types of logo, a type logo or a graphic logo. We will help you decide which one is right for you and best represents your product or project.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to get a logo, or you’ve never been through the logo and brand development process before – we have many clients who are making their first leap into this world and need a logo for a new business, and are more than happy to guide you through it.

Getting To Know Your Brand

Before starting out, we take the time to get to know you and understand your project. We will arrange a face-to-face or digital meeting that will let our team meet yours and discuss details such as desired market placement, objectives, key message and timelines. We may also ask you to complete a reverse brief, which will help us gain better insight and therefore better honour your inspiration and intentions.

The Creative Process

Using the information from our initial briefings, we will present you with a mood board consisting of a range of existing quality logo designs that might provide inspiration for your own and ask for your reactions. Your responses will help us gain a clear idea of your preferred style and will help guide the creative process.

Preparing Brand Concepts

Building up an understanding of your brand helps us prepare for the concept stage. During the concept stage each project gets dedicated attention from at least two experienced designers and our artistic director Radi. Each of our great logo designers comes up with a range of potential logos, from which they choose their strongest three or four to fully develop. We then come together as a team to review and critique their concepts in collaborative sessions that allow us to target and develop the strongest ideas.

Your Feedback Helps Shape the End Product

Once we have completed a selection of potential company logos, your input will be the deciding factor. You will be asked to nominate the logo that best represents your business and it’s values and any of your feedback will be integrated into the final design.

Thinking Everything Through to the Last Detail

Once the final logo is decided upon, we embark on finalising the brand assets that will form your company identity and represent your business across all of your touch points. No brand exists in a vacuum, so we provide you with all of the day-to-day things that you will need to secure the visual identity of your business.

We develop several possible collateral packages that include a letterhead, business card, email signature and a social media square that will appear on all of your social media pages. From then it is just a matter of choosing your favourite combination and implementing any final modifications you might require.

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Completing the Process

Once we have developed a logo you are proud of and all of the supporting collateral, we will present you with a Brand Package. This package includes print files of all of your designs, every element you will need for digital content and the logo in a variety of formats to suit all possible applications. We can also arrange for any printing you might need.

Putting Your Logo into Action

You can be confident that the logo and collateral that we deliver you will integrate the most thorough brand strategy and highest design principles. We pride ourselves on delivering industry leading logos that will represent your business for years to come.

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See our Results For Yourself

We’re only as good as our last effort so what better way to put our money where our mouth is than sharing a weekly updated feed of our most recent work?

Most agencies only choose to share 5 or 10 of their best projects (usually the ones with the biggest budgets). We’re proud of how nimble and efficient we can be working within the constraints of any budget and are proud to share our work openly with you.

Where to from here?

We’d love to hear about your business or idea and help you achieve your highest brand potential. Please feel free to call us on Sydney +61 (0) 2 9519 9922 or email [email protected]

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