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Firmly ensconced in The Rocks, Lucetta’s focus on customer service and delicious food ensures that dinner there will always be an enjoyable experience. A constantly changing selection of boutique wines and weekly specials mean that they have something different to offer during every visit, making each experience unique.

After a brand refresh covering the design of their take away menus, custom signage to attract walk-ins and the design and build of their website, it was the icing on the cake to revitalise Lucetta’s dine in menus, taking into account not only the design but also the manufacturing of 40 odd menus.

dine in menu

When designing Lucetta’s dine in menus, we wanted to continue the look and feel established through the other collateral while still being functional

Being in such a competitive and high traffic area, walk-ins are an important source of business. It was important to Lucetta’s owners Mick and Jo that all of their collateral and signage be united, presenting a professional and modern face to their clientele.

When designing the dine in menus, we wanted to continue the new look and feel established through the other menus and signage while still being functional. The menus had to be able to stack easily, be sturdy enough to handle a little rough treatment, be easy to clean, and most importantly be simple to update. With weekly specials and dishes being altered to accommodate in season wines and fresh produce, Mick and Jo wanted to be able to change the menu content quickly and easily themselves, without having to completely reprint everything.

dine in menu
It was a treat to be trusted with both design and manufacturing solutions for this project. Not only did we have to think about what the menus looked like, but also how they would fair in a dynamic environment. We wanted to bring through the rustic feel of the restaurant and add something extra to the existing designs.

We presented a few menu concepts with the final menus in the form of clipboards. They stack, are durable, and made of sealed wood so that anything spilled on them can be wiped off without ruining them. To give the boards a specialised ‘Lucetta’ touch, the back of each board is emblazoned with three of the custom icons we created for them during the take away menu design, which now feature across all of their branded material.

dine in menu
In order for the menu’s to be updated and adjusted at will, Mick and Jo had to be able to print them themselves, on their standard issue laser printer. To facilitate this, we designed and printed a bold letterhead on which all of the menu content would be printed in simple black and white. By producing the letterhead professionally, the bright full-bleed colour and thicker stock keep the quality high.

When you combine the two elements, the red of the letterhead compliments the dark wood stain on the clipboards beautifully and you really get a sense of Lucetta’s vibe. These menus are the final piece in the puzzle, solidifying Lucetta’s brand refresh. Personally we can’t wait to pick out a delicious pasta and a glass of red, and while away an enjoyable evening in Lucetta’s warm company.

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