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For a time we all thought there were too many art galleries and exhibitions dominating the art scene. How do you pick one out? How does one stand out from the rest? Fortunately, Woollahra based gallery space .M Contemporary has changed the course of the Australian gallery scene by having its sights set on creating a “cross cultural conversation” for art lovers, through exhibiting emerging and established, talented artists from Australia and across the globe.

The Sydney gallery space was founded in 2013 by South African-born art collector Michelle Paterson, who aims to create and gain new collectors and clients by holding educational events and seminars through exhibitions that can engage these audiences in cross-cultural discussions.

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With it’s sights set on creating a “cross cultural conversation” for art lovers, .M Contemporary hold educational events well as regular exhibitions

With two exhibition spaces, Paterson’s main space opens new exhibitions every six weeks – this is a sure-fire way of getting some exposure to recognised Australian and International artists, so don’t miss out!

Paterson’s previous venture L.O.M. or ‘Lots of M’ initiative was established in late 2012 to showcase pop-up exhibitions, seminars, and discussions for contemporary artwork. As a platform for exhibiting new and existing artists, L.O.M. nurtured critical debate and discussion amongst the art community and paved the way for .M Contemporary. The gallery space has long-lasting potential to make a big impression in the Australian art scene, and the Yokel team reckons Paterson has the moxie to keep up public interest in contemporary art!

In case you were wanting to brush up on some exposure and participation in contemporary art, Paterson’s collectors program at .M Contemporary focuses on providing information and guidance to new collectors through talks and seminars, so there are plenty of ways you can get involved in the art scene, don’t save .M Contemporary for a rainy day!

The Annual Winter Group Show is now being exhibited at .M Contemporary with a range of Australian and International photographers and will run until July 13. Be sure to check out the gallery space and its broad spectrum of paintings, photography, sculpture and digital video art, as well as the gallery’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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by Nicole Knuckey

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