Maaike Furniture Resurrection

Imagine furniture as your ‘canvas’, restored chairs and couches embedding character, history and nostalgia; designs inspired by the potential of being heirlooms for the future. Maaike Pullar has.

The Yokel team has gotten wind of Maaike’s ingenious Sydney-based sustainable furniture business, “Maaike’s Furniture Resurrection” and want to share it with all you lovely folks!

maiike furniture restoration

Using a craft-based approach Maaike Furniture Resurrection takes pre-loved goods, furniture and textiles, and recreates them with astounding results

With her bespoke designs that you won’t find anywhere else, Maaike’s Furniture Resurrection business takes an holistic approach towards taking pre-loved goods, furniture and textiles, and recreating them to suit not only the personal style of the client, but the existing ‘bones’ of each piece she comes across. Maaike’s craft-based approach involves creating textile art from salvaging fabrics, embroidering, quilting, printing and embellishing – a complicated process that she has been working hard at since 2009.

Available by Whim or commission, Maaike’s Furniture Resurrection hopes to produce functional pieces that light up a room. ‘Whim’ pieces are furniture that Maaike upholsters without having an owner in mind. Snapping up a quirky gem before it’s too late is recommended!

Maaike frequently holds workshops for those who are keen to restore their own furniture but who aren’t sure where to start – take a look at her website for more information, as she has several different workshops that will definitely take your fancy!

The Yokel team has Maaike in their spotlight; with six Sydney exhibitions under her belt, it’s little wonder that she’s drawing attention. So if you happen to perchance a neglected piece of furniture in your own home, or spot a chair sitting idly by the roadside on hard rubbish collection day, bring it by Maaike and she’ll resurrect it.

Maaike’s Facebook page and website for Furniture Resurrection are up for browsing, so give them both a squiz and decide which piece of furniture you’d like her to resurrect for you!

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by Nicole Knuckey

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