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Maitland Regional Art Gallery is a great public gallery that hosts a diverse program of exhibitions, from international to Australian artists, contemporary and traditional. In addition to exhibits they host public events like concerts, openings and lectures that aim to promote art in Maitland and invite surrounding areas and visitors into thediverse cultural experiences of regional NSW.  We really dig organizations that are passionate about what they do and push to develop culture growth within this great southern land of ours.  The gallery is home to several masterpieces of James Gleeson, creator of the the most significant collection of Surrealist work to ever be done by an Australian artist (that wouldn’t be a bad thing to have to your name, now would it?)  Gleeson’s vision for his work centred around exploring the realms and possibilities of an alternate reality, once stating that he thought ‘art should be all-embracing: it should cover every aspect of existence and that includes what you technically call ugliness, terror, fear and anxiety. It’s all part of life.’  The guys at the gallery wanted us to produce a catalogue to accompany his exhibition, ‘A Close Focus on an Extraordinary Vision: a few pictures by James Gleeson.  Being ginormus fans of the legendary artist, we would be foolish to refuse such an honour.  The exhibition features works that illustrate almighty, apocalyptic coastal landscapes and alternate views of positively strange lands, similar to something envisioned within a dream or hallucination (heck -if our dreams were this vivid we would never want to wake).  With the help of the gallery, we designed the book, adding embellishments to enhance details, experimenting with paper stock and culminating everything together with a nice perfect bind through the cover and fancy silver foil upon the text.  We feel the catalogue reflect the detail and precision within James Gleeson’s work, acting as a perfect accompaniment to the exhibition and a beautiful tribute to the true king of Australian Surrealism.  Are you an art fanatic? Drop by the studio to see some of our other cool artist and gallery collaborations.

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by Radi Safi

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