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Maitland Regional Art Gallery is a great public gallery that hosts a diverse program of exhibitions, from international to Australian artists, contemporary and traditional. In addition to exhibits they host public events like concerts, openings and lectures that aim to promote art in Maitland and invite surrounding areas and visitors into the diverse cultural experiences of regional NSW.  We really dig organizations that are passionate about what they do and push to develop culture growth within this great southern land of ours.  The gallery is home to a myriad of significant works and artists alike, including Archibald prize winner and all round awesome human being, Euan Macleod.  Macleod’s work is a glorious exploration of ‘the human figure.  The gallery presented his latest offering ‘Euan Macleod Portraits’ which captures his subjects for the viewers response, remaining dedicated to the poetry of the intriguing, emotive and sometimes often fearful imagery which he manages every time he sits to craft a portrait.  With a strong interest and keen eye for portraiture, the brush strokes and texture used within his work present many layers of meaning, finding that the culmination of these elements often form conceptual representations and self-portraits of himself.  We were asked by Maitland to create an accompanying book for the exhibition, which combines a cocktail of several significant Macleod portraits and a dash of beautiful design and finessing to form one nice-looking, burst bound little package.  We implemented some additional embellishments (we couldn’t help it, embellishing is awesome), using a matte black and red foiling upon the cover to place emphasis on the depth and timeless nature of his portraits.  The finished product illustrates the significance of an exhibition book to an exhibit, being a tangible piece of the show that you can take away with you and a timeless introduction to Euan Macleod and of course, Maitland Regional Art Gallery.  If you want to know more about our books, or have something that you would like to see published, give us a buzz,-we’d love to chat.

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