Michael Kempson Exhibition Invitation

Flinder’s St gallery is a great gallery in Surry Hills, that Google Maps confusedly appears to believe is located both inside and outside the adjacent motorway.

Trust us, Flinders St gallery only exists physically in one location, and they’ve cleverly chosen to go with the on street option. We’ve done a lot of work with Flinders St gallery, and they’ve done a lot of work with many great artists.

Exhibition Invitation

This invitation design features the work of Michael Kempson, one of Flinders Street Gallery’s more established artists.

These invites feature the work of Michael Kempson, one of Flinders St’s more established artists.

If you visit his page on the Flinders St gallery page, you’ll notice that he’s been doing a lot of work with pandas. This is confirmed by a glance at the postcards, which are also panda related.

Flinders Street Gallery
But if you (for whatever reason) hate pandas with a visceral passion, he also does kangaroos, eagles and turtles. And they are all very cute. Very very cute.

We have to say though, despite the overwhelming adorable which is attacking us in the face right now, we are loving the work This and That, which features three banksia cones sitting next to rows and rows of beautifully drawn rocks. We can definitely see it making a great statement on our studio wall.

The invites also feature on the back the work on Cicada Press, which was established by Michael Kempson at the College of Fine Arts in 2004.

Exhibition Invitation
Cicada Press was founded to help students develop their printmaking practices by creating dialogue and an informal setting in which to learn and work.

It’s pretty interesting, as some of the new printmakers being picked up for representation by the Flinders St gallery are COFA graduates, and would have worked their butts off through university and this workshop, only to be rewarded by representation at the same gallery as their mentor.

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