O’Connell Street Merchants

We think that Newtown is killing it right now, which works out pretty well for us considering it’s right on our doorstep. And now there’s one more reason to love the inner-west suburb: O’Connell Street Merchants. Tucked away up a side street off King Street, you’ll find a new creative retail collective that brings together artisans and merchants who have a small retail profile and bring them into a new space that allows them to engage with new consumers. We think it’s an ingenious idea that is a refreshing approach to the retail industry. It’s also a very interesting idea because a lot of retailers that usually trade in a ‘traditional’ method are starting to retail in an online space, whereas O’Connell Street Merchants are doing the reverse. Genius! Only opening at the end of November it will be interesting to see how things go not only go for the space in general, but the profiles of the merchants themselves. The space itself is a beautiful warehouse which promotes creativity and allows the business to develop into many things. Currently housing retailers with a strong design focus such as DAN300 group who make beautiful gifts, home wares and fashion, ‘dishevelled charm’ apparel brand Three Over One and makers of beautiful bikes designed for city living Tokyo Bike. And when shopping gets too much, O’Connell Street Merchants have it covered because they also have New York style cafe, Brewtown ready to pep you up again! All they need is a place for you to sleep and you’d never have to leave!

O'Connell Street Merchants

Still in it’s infancy head to the O’Connell Street Merchants Facebook page to get more info and to learn more about the retailers.


by Jaime MacMillan

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