Ode To The Internet

No accurate words spring to mind when trying to describe the appreciation we have for the mind-blowing source of amazingness that is the internet.  Born roughly around the same time as electronic computers (equally as awesome), the internet has cemented itself as significant part of pop culture and our everyday existence.  The internet is like having your own magical genie friend, lets call him Franklin, churning out pretty much anything you desire at a ridiculously speedy turnaround. Speaking from the perspective of a ‘digital native’, a term coined to describe individuals born during the introduction of digital technology, the thought of a world in which the internet (Franklin) doesn’t exist makes us feel slightly ill.

Yes, some beg to differ (mainly you ‘digital immigrants’) claiming that the internet is spiraling out of control, making people think that they are interesting and thanks to Instagram, top notch photographers.  To some extent we agree with this.  On the other hand, for just a moment, the internet allows us to drift away on a fluffy cloud into a universe where current affairs are up to the minute, everyone loves sharing and being all up in everyone’s business, sites like KickassTorrents allow unparalleled access to files, and for every question you have there is an answer.  Even in the midst of the seriousness that was hurricane Sandy, people still managed to keep it light (without power), using their obviously advanced photoshopping skills to create totally accurate demon cat formations in the sky.  As designers, we frequently rely on the internet.  It inspires us, allows us to collaborate and share with others and translates our visions into reality.  In our studio, we develop concepts, logo’s and create web design that without the internet, simply wouldn’t work.  Thank heavens this isn’t our reality.  But whether you believe the internet actually exists within a black rectangular box in someone’s apartment,  was manifested by ancient elders of the internet or created by scientists and scholarly folk -it doesn’t really matter.  These are probably way more interesting theories than the truth itself.  Stick with yours, because anything (especially with the help of Franklin) is possible.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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