One Night Stand

One Night Stand is one of the coolest new pyjama brands. We’re not just saying this because of their cheeky brand name and cool patterns. Not even because they’re Australian owned and run. Mostly we think they’re super cool because founder Jamie Green saw an opportunity.

Not just for business, but an opportunity to do good business while helping out a bunch of locals. The inspiration came when Green himself, due to the whims of Lady Luck, was sleeping rough and couch surfing himself. If you don’t know about Green definitely give him a Google. At the tender age of 24 he had already created and sold four or so start ups, and ONS itself was kick started with a scholarship from the School of Social Entrepreneurs.


Not just a cheeky brand name with cute patterns, One Night Stand is a sleepwear brand that supports Aussie disadvantaged youth at every step

One Night Stand sound the way I always try to sound, without trying. I can’t sum this up in a more concise, articulate way, so as they themselves say; “One Night Stand creates rad threads for all to sleep on, sleep in and strip off. All sales support young people sleeping rough through providing meals and assisting with the employment of young people who need it most”.

Their designs are all made in house and released on a stock level sale – so make sure you buy quick to get what you want, and to see new patterns come in. They range from tropical socks, to dessert flora to dreamy and cute pillow cases.

Every purchase made from One Night Stand sees them providing a meal via Melbourne locals Open Family. Green and his team can often be found helping the Open Family in the field, front line. They further show support by the use of a Pick and Pack distribution system through the White Lion’s PAWS system, pro actively providing employment and learning opportunities for disadvantaged youth. As if these relationships weren’t enough to keep them occupied ONS encourage you to Hook Up with them to see if even more amazing things are possible.

White Lion deserves a mention because they are an integral part of the supply chain. Their Pick and Pack process allows youth doing it tough and sleeping rough to gain employment opportunities. They train and teach youth while directly employing and giving them a means to live. Much like our previous favourite supply chain member, 3Fish.

Bottom of the pyramid markets are a massive deal. They were all the rage just a couple of years ago, with many businesses turning their gaze to states like Mexico and Africa. Here’s a market so often overlooked right on our streets. Green has demonstrated how with some simple out of the box thinking social enterprise can be successful, local and cool. Getting underprivileged people in the community back on their feet is essential for a strong community. Rather then killing two birds with one stone, Green and Co are setting all the birds free with a pat on the back.

They have a super slim offering of sleepwear and gifts. You can support them with purchases from these categories, direct donation, or by co community efforts. 100% of their profits go directly to supporting struggling youth, the ones we see everyday, but ignore. The ones that current legislation is bullying. The ones who need it most.

Their whole ethos is based on one of our favourite things: community. People often defend their business and the neo liberal model in general by stating that they are providing jobs, and are happy to allow the government to supply the rest. Here we see a business model that isn’t interested in profits or politics but prefers community. Refreshing indeed!

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by Isaac Keatinge

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