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Paddington Lace is such a beautiful name, don’t you agree? They don’t sell lace, as you might first think, or even fabric. What they do is provide high quality building services specialising in terrace house facade restoration throughout metropolitan Sydney.

A business name doesn’t have to directly refer to what the business does. What it really needs to be is memorable.

terrace restoration

We created this website to give Paddington Lace a home on the internet, so that their clientelle could find out about what they do in a couple of clicks.

People to to be able to recall that company someone mentioned using at a dinner party or a business meeting in March when they suddenly realised they need the exact same service in October.

Sydney’s terraces are one of Sydney’s most sort after property type on the market, and if you are a certain inner city living idealistic type, a Sydney terrace might indeed be your dream home.

If you’ve managed to land one of these beauties, it makes a lot of sense to keep it looking pretty. After all, some of these terraces are over one hundred years old, positively ancient in terms of the sapling-like Sydney market, and though holding up well, they do need a little extra care.

Paddington Lace Website
Which is where Paddington Lace comes in. Paddington Lace can help with a number of issues that might come up during the ownership of a terrace, such as balcony reconstruction and joinery, tiling services, painting and colour consultancy, and of course, looking after the balustrades and frieze (which are the beautiful and delicate wrought iron fences that the name Paddington Lace refers to).

As such a niche business, they really need to get their name out to their clients. We were asked to create this website for them in order to give their business a home on the internet, so that their potential clientele could find out about what they do in a couple of clicks.

Having such a small but perfectly catered demographic is great for us as designers. It means we can really tailor the look and feel of the site to exactly what that specific market will want to see.

web design
We’ve created a really refined and classy look for Paddington Lace, with a logo that’s elegantly reminiscent of the lace they refer to in their name.

The colours we’ve used are a little heavier than classic black and white, but they come together to make the kind of grand statement that a gorgeous terrace house does on a busy inner city street.

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