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As a studio we feel pretty strongly about the importance of internal projects. They help us hone our skills and stay inspired by following creative tangents that occurs to us, usually as the result of a client project that we’re working on.

Consequently, we’ve dubbed them our ‘love projects’ as we do them simply to express our creativity and love of design. Some of our favourites include illustrated recreations of first edition book spines, infographics and of course our ever growing collection of custom fonts.

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The result of a creative curiosity, IYBI’s latest font Panthony is full of quirky personality and exclusively available for free download on dafont

The newest addition to the IYBI font collection is Panthony. The idea for this font was sparked by the type of logo we were working on for a client. The form of several of the characters stuck us as particularly interesting, so we decided to explore the concept further, fully resolving it.

Panthony is neither a serif or sans-serif typeface; it’s a hybrid of the two. Most letters (pariticularly the capitals) have a traditional serif, but there are some surprises. The ‘G’ ‘J’ ‘K’ and ‘S’ have one or more arms that have a cleaner, rounded sans-serif end.

The lower case characters are much less reliant on the serif, instead using a curve with the rounded sans-serif end to create the descenders and add character. The result is a font that gets more interesting the more you look. At first you see the well thought out shapes and solid lines, then you notice the slightly rounded corners, combination of styles and the personality which results.

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These love projects are also our little way of giving something back to the design community, and by extension our clients. Our infographics are created with the intent of helping and educating people about the things that we do everyday. For most people undertaking a website or rebrand is a rare event, and can be an understandably confusing project, especially if you don’t have the support of a great team. In a bid to reduce the confusion, we’ve done infographics based on naming your brand, creative processes, website pitfalls and checking your website’s health, to name a few.

In addition to sharing our knowledge, we also offer all of our fonts for free download on dafont. This means that anybody who likes one of our typefaces can download it and use it without restriction in their projects. It’s really cool for us to think that something we’ve created is a part of so many people’s work.

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With almost 10,000 downloads (272 just yesterday!), Panthony is proving itself to be very popular. If you like the look of our latest offering, feel free to head over to dafont and grab it for use in your next project.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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