Papa Gede’s Bar

Do you remember when all things Mexican were trending in Sydney, like you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a Mexican themed bar or restaurant. Now, it’s all about voodoo. And not just any old voodoo – Haitian and New Orleans voodoo,which is exactly what you’ll be served at Papa Gede’s, Sydney’s newest small bar. Here, they’re refining their focus and distilling the theme to bring something fresh to us thirsty folk. Get lost in this old garage off Kent street and be treated to witch-doctor apothecary and lots of absinthe. Run by a dream team with experience from Sydney’s best bars, we love it when a business decides to change things up and bring something new to the table. We’re really excited to try a tasty Barbados Slim that has lots of rum and coconut juice. We’re sure we can really get into this voodoo thing.

Papa Gedes

Get yourself on to Papa Gede’s website for details on where they are and more importantly, what they’re serving. Papa Gede’s is very fond of both Facebook and Twitter with regular posts on what’s going on in the bar as well as news of
progression within the business.


by Jaime MacMillan

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