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Parkers Fine Art Supplies is one of Sydney’s oldest and and most renown art suppliers. Owned and run by the Parker family since 1917, it has gone through several incarnations as a framer, gallery, and material supplier. Parkers is now a destination store for many Sydney and interstate artists as it boasts the biggest and most diverse selection of art supplies in Australia.

They approached us to design and build their new website, which would include an eCommerce component. The look needed to reflect their historic and respected presence in the art world, with a robust CMS that would support the 20,000 or so products that would be sold online.

ux ui design

The web design for Parkers Fine Art Supplies needed to have several key functions, the most important of these being an e-commerce component

The web design for Parkers needed to have several key functions. The most important of these is the e-commerce component, allowing customers to browse through the extensive product selection and purchase online while simultaneously bringing an almost century-old company firmly into the digital age.

User Experience design was core to this project. With over 10 thousand products (many with size, weight and colour variations), and deeply embedded categories, users needed to be able to find what they’re looking for with ease, and minimal clicks.

ecommerce design
We included a side menu of all Art Materials on the shop page, as well as thumbnails of product categories so visitors could visually find what they’re looking for.

The eCommerce component allows users to conveniently select multiple variations of a product from a single page, as artists rarely need to purchase a single item or colour. This also works as a cross sell feature on the site.

We also developed a shipping calculator, which would tally the weights of products in the cart to estimate shipping cost.

parkers fine art supplies
The new Parkers website displays a large and complex amount of information in a simple, digestible manner. Product information, service information, class details and pricing are all easily discoverable, making a visit to the site a satisfying experience.

The site is not only a way for consumers to purchase products, but contains a blog and product details which also makes it a valuable information resource for professional and budding artists.

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